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It all comes down to –

Along time ago I hear a person speak of how everything comes down to 2 dates and a “-“.dash

On your tombstone they put your date of birth, which I don’t remember as I was still in shock from how cold it was outside when I was born.  the other date is the day you pass – not going to remember this one either because….um….well….i’m dead.  So your accumulation of your life comes down to that little line.  I did not know there was a poem which inspired this story, unless I just wasn’t listening close enough.  In youth this week the moose was reminded of this.  Here is the poem for your reading pleasure.

The Dash

by Linda Ellis
I read of a man who stood to speak, At the funeral of a friend
He referred to the dates on her tombstone, From the beginning to the end
He noted that first came her date of her birth, And spoke the following date with tears,
But he said what mattered most of all, Was the dash between those years
For that dash represents all the time, That she spent alive on earth.
And now only those who loved her,  Know what that little line is worth.
For it matters not how much we own;  The cars, the house, the cash,
What matters is how we live and love And how we spend our dash.
So think about this long and hard. Are there things you’d like to change?

For you never know how much time is left, That can still be rearranged.

If we could just slow down enough To consider what’s true and real
And always try to understand The way other people feel.
And be less quick to anger, And show appreciation more
And love the people in our lives Like we’ve never loved before.
If we treat each other with respect, And more often wear a smile
Remembering that this special dash Might only last a little while.
So, when your eulogy is being read With your life’s actions to rehash
Would you be proud of the things they say About how you spent your dash?
©1996 All Rights Reserved, Linda Ellis

So as you live your life, don’t dash through it to fast.

Live your dash!  Seriously!

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It isn’t by chance

God is not Dead!!!

If you have ever sat back and wondered if God still moves on the earth, all you need to do is simply open your eyes and look.  Coincidences happen to often to be chance.  Here is a quick example of a bit of timing which is too coincidental.

A couple gets stuck in an elevator for 30 minutes while moving out of their Burbank apartment, delaying their progress in moving.  At the time they were finally getting their mattress out of the building a 3 year old boy climbed out a window and was hanging by a wire.  They were able to get the mattress under the boy to cushion his fall.  Wow – what a coincidence.  Open your eyes this week and look for things where you say “wow isn’t this lucky” or “what are the odds?”.  FULL STORY and LINK below.

Just so you know – Gods not dead!  Great movie opening this weekend.


BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) — A couple moving out of their apartment in Burbank saved a child that had climbed out of a third-story window.

 The incident happened Sunday in the 400 block of N. Pass Avenue. Police say the couple’s quick thinking likely saved the child’s life.

“The child climbed out of the window and was actually hanging out on to what appeared to be a telephone line or a cable line. They placed the mattress underneath the child, and at that point the child released and fell to the ground,” said Burbank Police Lt. John Dilibert.

Konrad Lightner and his wife, Jennifer, noticed the toddler and his sister throwing their toys out the window as they went in to get another load, including the box spring. On the way out, they saw the toddler throw his leg over the window sill.

“We called 911 and Konrad threw the box spring down trying to break his fall and stood there to catch him,” said Jennifer.

Konrad was able to break the child’s fall, placing him softly on the mattress. The 3-year-old was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, but he did not suffer any major injuries.

A neighbor rushed to get the little boy’s parents, who were unaware of what happened but were deeply grateful for the amazing rescue. Photos from the scene show paramedics checking out the toddler as his father clutched him tightly.

“It feels like I watched a TV show, like it didn’t happen to me,” Konrad said.

The Lightners were honored by firefighters and continued with their move.

“It was very surreal afterwards. We were just moving the rest of day and every once in a while we’d look at each other and just be like, ‘That happened. That was real,'” said Jennifer.

Earlier in the day, the couple got stuck in an elevator. It took them 30 minutes to be freed. They say if that didn’t happen, they would not have been there at the right moment to save the little boy.

(Copyright ©2014 KABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.) 
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Miss You Dad!

Miss You Dad!

We all have those days throughout the year which bring mixed emotions.  On November 5th, 1980 my father passed when I was just 13.  Dad was just 49.  Entirely too soon.

As I remember back I only have so many memories to ponder. One which stands out the most was when I woke up with a nightmare and was young and afraid.  He held me, which he didn’t do a lot, and let me know all was safe.  He ran his fingers over my eyelids which always made me crash.  I recall how rough his fingers were from many years of hard work but at the same time they were tender.  I don’t remember going back to bed.  I was probably was like a sack of cement in just a few minutes.

I miss ya dad.  Would love to be singing with you and laughing with you. I wrote this poem today.  Thought I would share it.  May God use it to bless someone today.

Watching in on You

To all those who loved me,
This day may bring some tears.
At times it may feel like yesterday,
And others…it feels like years.

It happened suddenly and life was changed,
I wasn’t ready to be called away.
How many times you may have wished,
Couldn’t we have had, just one more day?

My love, in death I will continue to give,
Every day for you my sons.
You make me proud as you walk in life,
Your mark on this world is not yet done.

God’s plan is never simple to see,
If he had asked what I wanted to do.
I would have told Him,“There is too much work,..
I’m not ready to be through.”

The Lord would have smiled and said,
To trust Him, and that all would be all right.
Just take my hand,
And dance with me tonight.

Trust me when I say,
Feel His love and you will feel mine.
Seek out our Lord,
And I won’t be far behind.
Rich Caldwell

If you have someone, a mom, a dad, son, daughter, friend – take them in your arms and tell them you love them.  Seriously!

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Are you God’s …..?

The moose had a co-worker buy him a Coke today.  Nothing special, just a friend asking if I wanted a Coke.  It was a small gesture and appreciated.  How many times during the day do we have the opportunity to do something for someone else and expect/want nothing in return.  This reminded the moose of a classic story of giving and how what may seem simple to us, has glorious returns.


One cold winter’s day a 10-year-old boy was standing barefoot in front of a shoe store, peering through the window, and shivering with cold. A lady approached the boy and asked him what he was doing. 

“I was asking God to give me a pair of shoes,” the boy replied.  

The lady took him by the hand and went into the store, and asked the clerk to get a half dozen pairs of socks for the boy. She then asked if he could give her a basin of water and a towel. He quickly brought them to her. She took the boy to the back part of the store, knelt down, washed his little feet, and dried them with a towel.

By this time the clerk had returned with the socks. Placing a pair upon the boy’s feet, she then purchased him a pair of shoes, and tying up the remaining pairs of socks, gave them to him.

She patted him on the head and said, “No doubt, my little fellow, you feel more comfortable now?”   

As she turned to go, the astonished lad caught her by the hand, and looking up in her face, with tears in his eyes, answered the question with these words: “Are you God’s wife?” – Source Unknown


The question the moose wants you to ponder today is “Are you God’s _________?”  (fill in the blank)

Just like the moose, who finds himself wandering around the forest in confusion, sometimes it takes walking into a tree to get my attention.  Take some of these as examples:  Are you God’s 

  • Hands?  When was the last time you served someone by merely giving a helping hand
  • Feet?  Have you stepped out of your own world into someone else to help them
  • Eyes?  When did you last look at someone with “empathy” instead of “sympathy”
  • Servant?  when did you last just “trust and follow” instead of “demand and lead”
  • Heart?  Love unconditionally and whole-heartedly.  Unselfish compassion.

In your next quiet moment, remember this story.  See the little boy wondering if the lady was God’s wife.  I can tell you she was God’s servant.  Her willing heart was used by God for another of God’s children.

Simply tell God, “I am willing to be used however you need me.”  You may unexpectedly hear “Did God send you?”.  the answer will likely be “Yes”.  Seriously!


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Where ‘Ya Been?

I remember being assigned to give a message about the Body of Christ.  After my legs stopped shaking and antlers swaying in fear.  The moose had not ever, ever, ever though he would be in front of people speaking.  Not to mention, speaking about something important.  I considered hibernation but was determined to press on (or run like mad).  I needed an opening story to hit home and amuse.  I strolled into the Cincinnati Public Libray and began my quest. (kids, we didn’t have an internet then).

sowersI got a few strange looks but I guess you don’t see a moose in the library very often.  I went straight to the card catalog (kids go ask your parents).  As I was about to give up I came across the book “The Sowers Seeds”.

One story seemed to literally jump off the page at me.  God is cool like that.  It immediately became one of my favorites and hit me square in the nose.  There has been alot added and removed from this story in the years but read on in its original form and see it if hits home for you like it did for me.

Where  ‘Ya  Been?

A pastor heard that one of his parishioners was going about announcing to one and all that he would no longer attend church services. This rebellious parishioner was advancing the familiar argument that he could communicate with God just as easily out in the fields with nature as his setting for worship.

One winter evening, the pastor called on this reluctant member of his flock for a friendly visit. The two men sat before the fireplace making small talk, but studiously avoiding the issue of church attendance.

hotcoalsAfter a while, the pastor took the tongs from the rack next to the fireplace and pulled a single coal from the fire. He placed the glowing ember on the hearth. As the two watched in silence, the coal quickly ceased burning and turned an ashen gray, while the other coals in the fire continued to burn brightly.
The pastor’s silent message was not lost on the parishioner. After a long pause, he turned to the pastor and said “I’ll be back at services next Sunday”.

“From The Sower’s Seeds, copyright 1990 by Brian Cavanaugh”

There are times in life where we try to “go it alone” or try to “justify our stupidity” but family is there to help us endure.  A church is more than a meeting place but a place to go for help, encouragement, love, and support.  Friends who know everything about you but love you anyway.

A part of the story which was added later which I liked was this.  “The pastor smiled reached down with the tongs and the coal quickly brightened up and began to burn with the intensity it once had.”

The moose recommends you quit selling yourself short as well as others.  Quit trying to carry that burden alone.  Heavy loads are easier with help.  Seriously!

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Inspirational Football story

moose_footballYears ago the Moose attended a christian Family Life conference and one of the speakers told the below football  story.  One of my all time favorites.  I can’t tell you if it is fact or fiction.  I can tell you it is a very believable story.  Not just because I lost my dad when I was 13 or I had any monster accomplishments in my life, but when you love someone so deeply the human spirit and our soul is capable of remarkable things.

Never discount what you can do, but always look to the reason you are doing it and you will find inspiration, strength and drive like you have never had.  Jesus accomplished the unimaginable because of His love for us.  Should we not do the same for Him.  Seriously?!

This teenager lived alone with his father, and the two of them had a very special relationship.

Even though the son was always on the bench, his father was always in the stands cheering. He never missed a game.

This young man was still the smallest of the class when he entered high school. But his father continued to encourage him but also made it very clear that he did not have to play football if he didn’t want to.

But the young man loved football and decided to hang in there. He was determined to try his best at every practice, and perhaps he’d get to play when he became a senior.

All through high school he never missed a practice nor a game, but remained a bench warmer all four years. His faithful father was alwahigh-school-football-fieldys in the stands, always with words of encouragement for him.

When the young man went to college, he decided to try out for the football team as a”walk-on.” Everyone was sure he could never make the cut, but he did.  The coach admitted that he kept him on the roster because he always puts his heart and soul into every practice, and at the same time, provided the other members with the spirit and hustle they badly needed.

The news that he had survived the cut thrilled him so much that he rushed to the nearest phone and called his father. His father shared his excitement and was sent season tickets for all the college games.

This persistent young athlete never missed practice during his four years at college, but he never got to play in the game. It was the end of his senior football season, and as he trotted onto the practice field shortly before the big play off game, the coach met him with a telegram.

The young man read the telegram and he became deathly silent. Swallowing hard, he mumbled to the coach, “My father died this morning. Is it all right if I miss practice today?”

The coach put his arm gently around his shoulder and said, “Take the rest of the week off, son. And don’t even plan to come back to the game on Saturday.”

Saturday arrived, and the game was not going well. In the third quarter, when the team was ten points behind, a silent young man quietly slipped into the empty locker room and put on his football gear.

As he ran onto the sidelines, the coach and his players were astounded to see their faithful team mate back so soon. “Coach, please let me play. I’ve just got to play today,” said the young man.

The coach pretended not to hear him. There was no way he wanted his worst player in this close play off game. But the young man persisted, and finally feeling sorry for the kid, the coach gave in. “All right,” he said. “You can go in.”imagesCASMB382

Before long, the coach, the players and everyone in the stands could not believe their eyes. This little unknown, who had never played before was doing everything right.

The opposing team could not stop him. He ran, he passed, blocked and tackled like a star. His team began to triumph. The score was soon tied. In the closing seconds of the game, this kid intercepted a pass and ran all the way for the winning touch down.

The fans broke loose. His team mates hoisted him onto their shoulders. Such cheering you’ve never heard!

Finally, after the stands had emptied and the team had showered and left the locker room, the coach noticed that the young man was sitting quietly in the corner all alone.

The coach came to him and said, “Kid, I can’t believe it. You were fantastic! Tell me what got into you? How did you do it?  You are just not that good!”

He looked at the coach, with tears in his eyes, and said, “Well, you knew my dad died, but did you know that my dad was blind?”

The young man swallowed hard and forced a smile, “Dad came to all my games, but today was the first time he could see me play, and I wanted to show him ‘I COULD DO IT’!”

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Special Olympics Plane Pull NKY Airport

Anyone up for helping the Moose raise some money for special olympics.

I had the opportunity to work at the State Special Olympics softball tournament and had a great time.  Pure joy is so much fun to watch.  Seeing others overcome their challenges and persevere is inspiring.

nkyplanepulllogoOn October 19th DHL and CVG are hosting a plane pull.  20 person teams raise $1,000 ($50 per member) and pull a 757 12 feet competing against others for the fastest time.   Here is a link to the event

The moose hasn’t officially gathered a herd yet but would really like too.  Email me at if you are interested.

I think if I can land the right team, we could really fly We will really need to jet to raise the money in time.  I am hopeful this idea will really takeoff and not crash.

Help me out because I am just winging it here.  Seriously!

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